Cycling across the USA

Four gentlemen between the ages of 48 and 62 who have impacted and achieved much in life are ready to give something back to life.

Andreas Isler, Markus Biedermann and Ralph Biedermann (supporting personnel) begin on September 8th, 2012 in Boston. In a first phase they cycle to Chicago where they will meet Wolfgang Kuchler, Xaver Wenninger and Heinz Geisser (supporting personnel). From there they will continue on the historical Route 66 to Los Angeles. They’re hoping to reach Los Angeles by mid October 2012. You can follow their route on this Blog.

Their aim is for each cyclist to achieve 4’000-6’000 KM which equals CHF 50’000.- which will be credited to the projct ROKJ – Rotary for children and adolescents. Andreas Isler is the Vice President of ROKJ.

Rotary and Inner Wheel have made it their aim to support socioeconomic disadvantaged children and adolescents in their region. This should enable them to develop their potential and gifts and help them integrate into society. It’s also part of prevention work.

All costs are covered by the participants (travel, accomadation, material, vehicle, meals). This will ensure that 100% of the donations made will go to the ROKJ-Project.

How can you donate?
You’ve got the opportunity to either donate a fix amount, a selectd stretch of the route or you can choose to donate the driven KM of one or more selected cyclists. In other terms you donate CHF 1.- per driven KM (only KM done on racing bike will be considered). The milage can be tracked HERE at anytime. You will receive a tax notification for donations made.

On this note the 4 gentlemen want to express their gratitude to their families and colleagues and thank them for their support and encouragement.